Membership Option Page (Trading portfolio) and bring together the most advanced and complete package needed by a forex trader. Capital3x provides the best deal on trading forex via its manual and trade copier solutions. The Capital3x signals are the best performing rated forex signals on internet for retail clients over the last 24 months. All forex signals and reported performance are verified and reported. on the other hand provides the most advanced and well respected financial feed for forex traders featuring Orderbook, Real time analysis, Fundamental analysis, Banks views, Respected Traders views on currencies and Macro economics analysis which is central to all forex trader’s toolbox.

Please refer to the table below for the membership package. The below packages are for accounts up to USD 100K. Accounts greater than USD 100,000 can contact us at for tailored packages.

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  • Trade Copier : 3 Month Subscription (Free Trial for 3 days then USD 890 / quarter)  : 
  • Trade Copier + VPS hosting : 3 Month Subscription (Free Trial for 3 days then USD 960 / quarter) 
  • Performance Based plan Please click here to read about Performance based plan

Caveat: The membership fee to Captial3x does not guarantee performance or repeat of performance from previous months. Please be careful before joining. There is as much chance of losses as there are gains. The membership fee is in lieu of the time and effort the traders put into trading. There will be NO REFUNDS at any point of time.

Please email us at for any concerns.

If you have queries regarding the trade copier: Trade Copier FAQs

The Trade Copier setup instructions can be found here: MANAGED ACCOUNT SETUP

Membership Queries:

Read this carefully

Is there a Trial available?
Yes a full trial is available for a mere USD 1 for three days. During this period you can test the trade copier, indicators, analysis, LIVE TRADE ROOM and live trade sheet. Only if you are satisfied, should you continue. You can cancel the subscription during these three days without any worries.

Which broker to use?
We are broker independent (am sure you are glad to know that). Any MT4 enabled broker will do just do fine. But we advise to do all background checks on brokers given your capital will reside at their banks.

Can I have a monthly package?
The monthly package is opened at regular intervals. Please monitor this image to check if it is open. You can email to confirm availability.

What is the difference between monthly and other packages?
The monthly package is designed for subs who cannot trade on higher capital required for quarterly plans. Our regular plans are at min trading capital $10,000 which we believe can be deterrent for many retail traders. Thus the monthly plan is for subs who need a lower upfront fees and can limit their trading to under 0.05 lots per trade. The monthly plan also does not give access to the live trade room which is a 24/5 accessible to all our trade copier subs. This room is a highly useful given the traders at Capital3x are personally talking thru the trades on the trade copier.

What is the quarterly plan?
The plan allows you to install our Trade Copier EA onto your MT4 terminal. This will connect your MT4 to our servers from where the forex trades are relayed and sent automatically to your account. You can read about the trade copier and the managed account service here: Trade Copier

What is the quarterly plan with HOSTING?
This plans frees you from managing your MT4. You only need to provide us your MT4 login details and the MT4 server and download link, and we will host your MT4 on our private servers. The trade copier requires you to have your MT4 account online 24/5. This means you cannot have you have your MT4 running on your desktop or laptop because when the personal computer shuts, your MT4 will lose connection to our servers and thus we will not be able to control the trades on your account. Hence it is vital you have your MT4 and Trade Copier running on a VPS (Virtual Private Server- Windows based). To free subs who are not able to set up their own VPS or find it too cumbersome to manage a VPS, we give the option to send us your MT4 login details and we will take care of the rest for you. The trade copier will run on your MT4 which will be hosted on our servers. You can open your instance of the MT4 any time and add your trades or can view the performance and any other details. This plan is limited in time and hence if you need it, please register and then send us your MT4 details so we can begin hosting it.

What is the minimum Trading Capital to be registered with “Trade Copier + hosting” plan?
We require you to have a minimum trading capital of USD 10,000. You can have a demo account for as long as you need but when you trade live, the account needs to be USD 10,000. The higher the capital, the higher the lotmultiplier can be and hence higher the return you make.

What is the minimum Trading Capital to be registered with ONLY “Trade Copier” plan and no Hosting?
We require you to have a minimum trading capital of USD 10,000. You can have a demo account for as long as you need but when you trade live, the account needs to be at  USD 10,000.

For accounts larger than USD 50K, how does performance fee apply?
For accounts above USD 50K and below USD 100K, there is a minor performance fee (under 15% of profit) which is notified to specific clients whose accounts are larger than USD 50K. The fixed fee remains the same.

For accounts larger than USD 100K, how does fee apply?
These accounts have customised fee applied to them. Clients with capital above USD 100K, are requested to contact us via email

The fee is expensive for me. Please help?
There are hundreds of signal services out there. Many are free. Many are cheap. You can go with them if you think we are expensive. We are expensive if your trading capital is under USD 10000. But the larger your account, the cheaper we look as our returns of 1500 pips a month more than justify the price tag. A quality team of traders with hedge fund background with one of the largest hedge funds in the world, who devote 20 hours day live trading in one of the best live trade room on the internet, will not be free nor will be it cheap. So if it appears expensive, then we are not suitable for you at all. Not everyone makes money in the forex world. You have to take a call whether the fee is worth the performance.

I have question regarding the Trade Copier/Managed Account service. Where do I look for answers?
Please check out the trade copier FAQ page: Trade Copier FAQ

Is available to all Captial3x Trade Copier clients?
Yes it is. All Capital3x Trade Copier clients have full access to feed.

What is the Live Trade Room?
The Live Trade Room is chat room where Capital3x traders interact with their subscribers. Subscribers interact among themselves chatting about the markets, trade setups and basically be in the cos of other good traders. In the world of forex trading, there is nothing like more than one brain to pick on.

What is the features internet first financial feed which covers real time analysis, institutional orderbook and data analysis. The only feed which combines fundamentals and technical anlysis at one place. The feed is available free to all trade copier clients.
What is the Daily Analysis
The daily analysis package is where we share our charts and analysis to all our subs. Anywhere between 5 to 10 charts are sent which allows our subscribers to see the logic and rational behind the trades we take.

What is the Trade copier?
Trade copier allows you to take our trades without you having to worry about exits and entries. If you take the quarterly subscription above, you will receive an email titled “Welcome to Managed Account Service”. This email will contain information regarding setting up the trade copier service for your MT4 enabled account.

What is the Weekly analysis?
The weekly analysis is where we share detailed charts and weekly setups. This analysis post has upto 25 chart sent out on every sunday night preparing you for the week ahead.

What are the Bond market indicators?
Bond Market Indicators are Capital3x core indicators which are a derivation from bond market. Forex markets are primarily a result of yield differences between countries. Currently the only indicators avauilabe to help traders judge bond market trends are these indicators: Falcon and Gladiator

What has the past performance been?
All performance since inception are listed below. Capital3x is transparent about its performance and provide a weekly and quarterly detailed breakup of trades taken and performance. Good or bad, we believe we are accountable and have fiduciary responsibility to our clients ( & investors) to detail our performance by week, month, quarter and yearly. A summary of “PIPS” since inception follows. This image is updated every week for the month running.

Source: Verified by myfxbook

Performance analysis by week since inception. As I said before, we report our performance, good or bad. You have a right to know our performance and we are confident that we are leading the forex hedge funds table with average return of 1800 pips a month.

All our signals presently are automated via a trade copier. The Trade copier FAQs can be found here: Trade Copier FAQ

Please note within the trade copier, you have the option of increasing your exposure to our signals by varying the parameter “lotmultiplier”. Under default this is set to 1  which means each trade will have same size as our account. But if you increase this 2, then each trade size in our account will be doubled in your account. For example we take a 1 lot trade on EURUSD within the master account and if your copier parameter is set 2 then the same trade will taken in your account with 2 lots of EURUSD. Similarly for reducing the lot multiplier. The Trade copier is an extremely robust tool and allows you great control over your account. It is an extremely easy to use tool and hence anyone can operate it. Takes less than 2 min to set up.


Please note that sometimes, the registration mail after the subscription procedure, ends up in your spam folder. Make sure you have checked the spam folder for your login procedure once payment is processed if you do not find the email in your inbox. In case of any query at any point of time, please email us at and you will receive an answer in 6-8 hours.

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