Charts and analysis (EU,GU, ES,Bunds, Dollar Index)

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Forex analysis and Macro internals

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We look at friday close and some further analysis and charts to see where do we head from here. It is almost as if markets are going round and round and coming back to square one. But market internals have changed and without further adieu we get straight to the point. We will cover the following: 1. US ISM charts …


There it does it again

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One look at yesterday markets and you wonder if there is anyone left who can short this market. No chance. But new charts and analysis suggest that there is more to this than that meets the eye. Without wasting time lets get into it. Todays coverage include: 1. US 2Y and yen 2. High yield asset spread to US treasury …

gold to 3m

Gold and yields

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Gold has dropped like a rock and just when it was touching a key resistance at 1800 a clearance of which could have seen 20-30 pip rise on short covering. But were there ratios and charts which could have predicted the fall? Take a look. We were done with our longs much before the fall but of course we were …

Paulson says: “Buy Gold now”

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Well Paulson is down 50% on his advantage fund but that does not deter him from providing advise. His latest advise: “Buy Gold as inflation creeps up”. We tend to agree with him though this time. Bloomberg old traders are getting more bullish after billionaire hedge-fund manager John Paulson told investors it’s time to buy the metal as protection against …