Three Indicators in US pointing to growth but is it conspiracy?

Three different data points, Three different institutions and three different set of industries and all are pointing to sustained economic growth in the US.

The private payrolls company ADP have shown consistent trend of growth creation.

Institute For Supply Chain Management show that their surveys of employer hiring intentions match up perfectly with the ADP.
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The car companies too are reporting good numbers

The auto industry hasn’t just turned the corner. It’s starting to accelerate.

In January, U.S. auto sales continued their upward surge, rising 11% over a year ago to their briskest pace in nearly four years. At the same time, several auto makers showed new confidence in the American economy by disclosing billion-dollar expansions of their U.S. factories.

On the sales front, Chrysler Group LLC and Volkswagen AG reported increases of more than 40% apiece from a year ago, and most other auto makers posted solid gains. General Motors Co. was the only major company to report a decline; its sales …

But newsmax carries an interesting bit commentary:

The jobless rate reported today is “corrupt as it can be” because President Barack Obama’s administration has decreased the size of the workforce, Rush Limbaugh said on his radio show.

According to the Department of Labor, employers added almost a quarter of a million jobs in January. According to Limbaugh, it eliminated 2 ½ million positions.

“The number of jobs not available to be filled exploded by an unprecedented, record number of 1.2 million,” he said. “That’s not a typo. That’s part of this 2 ½ million fewer jobs. It is corrupt as it can be.”

Those words are not exactly wrong. The Obama administration does seem to be bending a few rules in reporting an unemployment of 8.3% when the real rate is closer 12%. But it is also true that economic numbers have been better than expected over the last few weeks but whether they are all colluding with the cabinet is question worth considering. After all this is the same country which has had giant scams and the laws of average state that one big scam is around the corner.


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